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Visitor Visa

Canada Student Visa
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Millions of people qualify to apply as a visitor and come to Canada every year. Do you qualify too?

You can visit Canada as a tourist, to visit your family and friends, or to do business. With a Canada Visitor visa, you can plan on visiting Canada for a few days or even for several months.


To qualify for a visitor visa, you must:

  • satisfy an officer that you are a genuine tourist or visitor and will return to your home country at the end of your stay

  • prove that you will be able to financially support yourself, and everyone included in your application, during your entire stay in Canada

  • be medically fit (pass a medical examination, if requested)

  • be law abiding and have no criminal activity record

  • be of no risk to the security of Canada

  • prove that you have strong ties to your home country

Canada Visitor Visas can be issued for a period of up to 10 years. Most visitors to Canada may visit for up to 6 months on each entry. However, Visitors who are willing to stay longer must apply and get a stay extension.

Need help to extend your stay in Canada as a Visitor? Please contact us for more information.

Did your visitor visa application get rejected?

At Vibe Immigration, we have strong expertise of assessing a rejected visa application.


We can help to:

  • Review and Assess the merits and demerits of your application

  • Identify the key factors that led to the visa rejection

  • Provide consultation on your next appropriate course of action

  • Assist in obtaining the internal file notes from the relevant Visa office and prepare an effective application to re-file your case

Frequently Asked Questions about Visitor Visa:

  • For how long can I stay in Canada on a Visitor Visa?
    During a single trip, visitors are authorized to stay for a period of 6 months or as or as approved by the border services officer at the port of entry, whichever comes first

  • Can I stay longer than the authorized period of stay?
    Once you are in Canada, if you decide to stay beyond the authorized period, you must make a formal request to Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC). You must continue to meet all the above requirements applicable to a Visitor Visa applicant. If you are denied an extension, you must leave Canada immediately.

        If you are currently in Canada with a Canada Visitor Visa and are interested in extending your stay, contact us              for more information.

  • Am I allowed to work in Canada on a Visitor Visa?
    No, You are not allowed to work in Canada on a Visitor Visa. You will have to apply for a Work Permit to work in Canada as a Temporary Resident.

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