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Canada Student Visa
Work Permit Inside Canada

There are different types of work permit which an applicant can apply for according to condition and qualification. To obtain your temporary work permit, basic eligibility requirements are:

  • You are currently residing in Canada and hold a valid study, or work permit or your spouse or parents have a valid study or work permit

  • Graduated from a Canadian college or university

  • Have a temporary resident permit valid for at least six months

  • Waiting for CIC to process your permanent residence application


There are many different kind of work permits:

  • Post Graduate work permit
    After successful completion of college education from designated college or institute applicant is eligible to get minimum of one year of work permit or maximum of 3 years.

  • Open work permit

        Open work permit allows you to work for any employer, with exceptions of few, within Canada.

  • Closed work permit
    You may be eligible for a Closed work permit if you receive a job offer from a Canadian employer based on a Positive LMIA. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker.

  • Bridging work permit
    Bridging work permit allows you to keep working in Canada while you are waiting on the final outcome of your Permanent Residence application.

For more detail information regarding Work permit and available options please contact us.

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